A history of success

Family owned and operated since 1985, Atlantic AllCare, Inc., was founded to be a liaison between patients and their insurance companies. The philosophy of the principals, Kathleen Kay Kee, RN, CDMS, CCM, ABDA, and Chuck Farthing, Vice President and Administrator, was to create a program that improves outcomes for patients and provides better access to integrated care and top notch home health care service across multiple provider boundaries.

This philosophy has not changed. Measured by our clients’ results, employee tenure, and clients who serve as references, our success speaks for itself. Our insistence on providing the highest level of home health care combined with our vast knowledge of the insurance industry provides you an opportunity to obtain a level of care and service that you will be comfortable inviting into your family’s home.

Our Mission

Patients and their families come first.  Every decision we make is based on understanding and meeting the unique and specific needs of every client. These needs may be the immediate attention of one of our clinicians in a remote area, or advice from a nurse in the middle of the night.  Many times, family members of our clients need attention too as they face uncertainty with the health of a family member.  In tough economic times, many providers fail to go the extra mile because it costs money.  At Atlantic AllCare, we take care of our clients, no matter what the circumstances may be.

Our employees are our greatest resource.  The best way to deliver care in a compassionate, respectful way is to treat our employees with those same principles in mind.  At Atlantic AllCare, the employee experience goes beyond salaries and benefit plans.  Every member of the Atlantic AllCare family is a decision maker whose opinion is valuable.  We recognize employees who make a difference on a regular basis, creating a dynamic work environment with the lowest turnover rate in the industry.

We must provide the best customer experience if we want to continue to thrive.  In a competitive healthcare environment, we must exceed the expectations of our customers who include our patients, their families, and our partners in the healthcare community.  In an age of customer service automation, Atlantic AllCare remains old fashioned.  Phone calls day or night will be answered by a live person capable of handling any issue that may a client or family member may have.

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